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Mar 31

I just asked you for one fucking thing. I just wanted you to clean the damn pool. I can not believe how stupid you are. Maybe I should punch you square in the face, or kick you straight in the balls. You can't do anything a girl says. I'd like to bend you over my knee, and spank your fucking ass. That's what you deserve, you little bitch boi. A complete sissy bitch. I will send you out in the the world all bruised and battered, because you can't seem to do what you are told. All you are good for is to be a whipping post. You are such a fucking, small dick, pussy like loser.


Mar 28

"What do you want this time. didn't you insult me enough last time when I was drunk enough to let you into my roon, only to start laughing at you when I saw you tiny little joke of a penis. I was actually offended that you thought that was good enough for me. You don't think I can get enough real men to satify me so I would settle for somebody as pathetic as you? You see these tits and this ass, well you can only dream about them w little wanker because you will never get a chance to touch them. The only thing you can do is maybe beg me for permission to kiss my ass, or else lick my shoes ... which you won't get but at least you'll amuse me a little bit. That's the only thing you are good for, to make a girl laugh at you."


Mar 25

Hello My name is Olivia Rose, and I would love nothing more than to have a slave like you sucking on my pretty red toe nails. The only thing I'd let you worship is my perfect little feet... it's the only thing on my body I'd let a loser like you get near. You have a dirty, filthy fucking mouth anyway, so you may as well clean off my feet. I need my feet to be clean.


Mar 22

Amelia and Claire laughing their asses off at the fat loser at their feet and spit all over him. They aim for his dick but the target is too small so they have to keep trying... "I don't think we can hit that thing today... I wish it was at least as big as my pinky maybe we would have a better chance of hitting it LOL. How do you like our spit all over your body LOSER. He's probably going to collect all the spit and keep it in a little jar....."


Mar 19

Gorgeous 19 year old Tiffany laughs at your tiny little penis... "Wow, that is definitely the smallest dicks I've ever seen. Does that even count as a penis? What is it for, it certainly cannot be used for sex. Do you masturbate it with the tips of your fingers or do you have to use tweezers?" How humiliating to have a gorgeous young girl laughing at a pathetic sissy and telling you how much she despises losers like you...


Page 40 of 41
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