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Apr 15

What are you doing staring at me? You pathetic piece of shit. It\'s so funny that you think you could ever even fuck a girl like me. What would be the point? I wouldn\'t even be able to feel it. Your dick is so small. You would be better off as my own personal ash tray. That\'s all you would be good for, you lame loser. Maybe I should dress you up in women\'s clothes. Since you are such a fucking loser. I\'ll put you in a skirt. That is the closest you would ever get to getting in my pants.


Apr 12

Hello, did you miss me? I'm sure you did. I am a gorgeous Goddess and you guys are so stupid. Such Morons. I'm so sexy and very hot, and it's just too bad that you guys are such losers. I hate wasting my time on worthless losers just like you.


Apr 9

Eve calls you over with some good news, she invited Claire over and is planning a threesome! Not with you LOSER! Her lover Bruce is coming over, and all a little wanker like you can do is watch. When Claire comes they laugh at the idea that you actually though that they intended to fuck somebody like you... \"Take out your dick loser I need a good laugh\", Claire says. They are totally merciless in humiliating you and laughing at you. In the end they take pity when they see you are almost crying \"You will be crying when you see Bruce\'s 10 inch fat dick compared to the little shriveled vegetable in your pants...


Apr 6

Hi Loser. I know you have been thinking about me a lot. I haven't thought of you at all. You are way too much of a loser for me to waste my time thinking of you. Would you like it if I invited you over to my house and put some hand cuffs on you? What if I also put some ankle cuffs on you? How about if I put this collar around your pathetic little neck and walked you around... maybe I should drag you around the house. All you are good for is to have you to clean my toes with your tongue. You are a sad pathetic little worm.


Apr 3

Listen as Brandi Bottoms goes into incredible detail as she describes how dirty her feet are from walking around in flip flops all day. She needs a good little slave to worship her poor feet. She really enjoys pushing her perfect little feet into a pathetic slaves face.


Page 39 of 41
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