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May 3

The evil duo of inferior male humiliation, Claire and Eve are entertained by a pervert who is in love with Eve's feet ... "What is he doing down there, was he like sniffing your feet or something? Oh my good, look his dick is getting hard just looking at your feet.... What a perverted loser." After a lot of abuse Eve finally takes pity and allows him to get close and sniff her feet, while laughing at how pathetically grateful he is for that privilege


Apr 27

"It's hard to get good servants these days" says the rich bitch Caroline as her stupid servant brings her a warm drink. She spills it on the floor and yells at him to clean it up and bring her a new one. "Kneel here at my feet, like a dog...and hold my drink for me.... And don't look at me, look at my feet! And clean them too while you are there" How humiliating to be kneeling before a sexy rich lady, cleaning her feet and obeying her every whim while she treats you like a worthless piece of shit


Apr 24

"Hello there foot slut. You are so pathetic...there is a gorgeous young girl in front of you, and all you can think about is her feet!" 19 year old Tiffany is as cruel as she is pretty and she likes nothing more than to torment foot perverts like you "Get down on your knees and take a really close look but don't you dare touch them, you are not even close to being worthy of that."


Apr 21

"Oh, it's you again, my so called husband. What do you want this time. you know you are not allowed to touch any of this, it would disgust me to have an old pervert like you lay his dirty little fingers on my body. that is reserved for my real boyfriend. you know, the one with a real 9 inch dick, and not a tiny little miniature penis like yours." Caroline is training you to be what you were born to be, a little cuckold who pays for his wife's lavish lifestyle while she fucks other guys...


Apr 18

Listen to Olivia Rose tell about the date she plans to go on tonight. She's going out with a real man, not a pathetic loser like you guys. Watch her get ready and imagine the fun she will have on her date with a real man.


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