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Jun 2

You don't worship me right. I am going to tell everyone how much you suck. I would never take you back. I have already used you and now I'm moving on. I need to find a new guy that will worship me properly. Take a look at my perfect, cute little feet. Lots of guys would love the chance to worship my feet.


May 30

My name is Catalina, but you can call me Cat for short. I'm an amazing goddess, and you are fucking loser. You should be so happy that you are even able to spend time paying attention to me. Look at my gorgeous black stiletto heels with my super cute pink toes. I am a beautiful goddess and you pathetic, worthless losers are sitting there naked and pale. I love when you stupid losers bow at my feet. Pathetic, losers that lonely little losers, with small dicks.


May 27

Kayla is having a normal everyday conversation with her husband... "You think I'm waiting for you? You are sadly mistaken, all this is waiting for my real man, you know, the one who can actually fuck me unlike the sad impotent loser like you.... All you are good for is your money, so why don't you get lost because he will be here any minute now. It bothers me to even be in the same house with an insignificant little loser like you, you can just dream about my sexy legs, feet, my ass to die for, and everything else that is reserved for real men, not wankers like you


May 24

Tiffany only cares about your money, get it? Did you really think that this sexy 19 year old girl has any other interest in a LOSER like you? She is disgusted with the check for $1000 that you brought her... "Are you serious...I think you forgot a zero or two loser boy! You think this is enough for somebody like you to get my attention. This change can barely cover a day of my shopping....What's that, you can't afford it? How about you go and get a second job, or a third job, or maybe sell your house?"


May 21

Olivia Rose gets home after a night out with real man. She can't believe that you stayed up all night waiting to hear about her date. She had a great time with her man, and you probably enjoyed wearing her panties while she was gone. Mean while she was out fucking a real man with a real dick, and it was amazing. Too bad you were sitting at home being a loser and waiting for her to get home.


Page 36 of 41
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