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Jun 18

Two evil princesses are teasing you with their smooth sexy delicate feet which you will never get to touch no matter how much you beg. They laugh at how pathetic you are, sitting in front of your computer and dreaming about their feet while they are about to go out with their boyfriends.


Jun 15

What is it like to be humiliated, laughed at and finally spat on by two sexy girls in bikinis? "You're disgusting loser" they sneer as they compete in aiming their spit into your eyes and mouth... "open your filthy mouth and catch my spit!"... "Look, all that spit on his face looks like cum, lol".


Jun 11

"Oh no its you again. Didn't I tell you to use the dog entrance when you come to clean my house so I don't have to look at your face at all. Oh you don't fit? Then you have to lose some weight don't you. you're so fat and ugly just looking at you makes me feel sick. Ok, come in this time but don't you dare get off your knees, I don't want to see your disgusting flab bouncing around as you walk. You must be so grateful to be even in the presence of a sexy girl like me, even though it's only so you can clean my bathrooms. Don't look up at me, keep your eyes down on my feet, I know you are in love with them anyway." How pathetic to be a sexy girl's slave and clean her house just to be in her presence and to be allowed to look at her feet.


Jun 8

"So you fantasize about licking girl's dirty feet clean? How about if I take my shoe off and hold the inside up to your nose so you can take a good long sniff, huh. Do you like that?" Selena is generously allowing you to get some close up look at her gorgeous soles and fantasize about worshiping her perfect feet. Because that's all a loser like you can do, dream and jerk off with no chance of ever even touching the feet of a girl like Selena


Jun 5

"Hello there cutie. What's your name? Hi Albert, what a sexy name. I'm Eve. I'm kinda bored here, what do you think we go out by the hot tub and have a chat, just you and me. Mmmm, have you been working out, look at all those muscles. Is it ok if I touch them? ..... Hahahaha, you fucking LOSER!! Did you really think I was serious? Oh my god, how desperate you must be to really believe I would be attracted to somebody like you. Can't wait to tell all my friends about this one. Oh what, you'd rather I don't tell anyone?" Too late for your begging, as Claire comes over and matches Eve in her cruel mocking of you if that's even possible. If ever two girls could make a man cry and beg for mercy it's these two.


Page 35 of 41
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