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Jun 23

Star has been walking around at a fundraiser all evening, and her feet are dirty, sweaty, and sore. Your only purpose is to be around to rub her feet, and you can't even do that right. Your hands are now useless to her, your dick is completely useless to her since it's not even big enough to stick in her pussy, and your brain is useless because you apparently can't use it to come up with other creative ways to satisfy a woman. She asks you if your tongue at least works, and tells you to lick the dirty soles of her feet as she shoves them in your face.


Jun 15

Star brought you home from a construction site after you cat-called her one too many times. She and her friend Claire sit above you and ridicule you for having a teeny little dick, and compare it to a bunch of other tiny things. Your body odor is so bad, they can't help but comment on it. The dress Star put on you makes you look feminine enough, the two women decide to take you back to your job at the construction site and make you suck all the other workers' dicks for money.


Jun 7

Caroline and Selena instruct you how to jack your cock, and demonstrate on Michelle's finger. They play "red light, green light" with you...every time Michelle says "green light", you get to jack your cock and she shows you just how she wants you to do it. But then Caroline eventually always says "red light" right when you are about to cum, and puts a stop to your beating off. Unfortunately, Caroline does not allow you to cum at the end this will have to wait for the next game for that privilege.


May 6

Star laughs hysterically at you when you show her your tiny dick. Then she tells you to dress up in the pair of panties that you brought with you, calls you a faggot and makes fun of you, and calls her boyfriend on the phone and talks to him about her plans to have you suck his massive cock later that evening.


May 2

More masturbation instruction by the stunning Princess Selena. Beg her for permission to cum, loser!


Page 16 of 41
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