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Jul 17

Trying to approach Nyxon and strike up a conversation was a really stupid move on your part. She is very surprised that a loser like you would even think about TRYING to talk to someone like her. She is gorgeous, perfect, and flawless, and you are the most pathetic and disgusting thing she has ever seen. Your outfit is absolutely absurd...why the hell did you leave the house in sweatpants and flip flops? What kind of man wears THAT? And why do you smell sooooo bad? When is the last time you showered, loser? She really kills off every last little ounce of self-esteem you might have had before you talked to her.


Jul 13

Miss Crash has a lot of male fans writing to her all the time, begging to be able to spend time with her and worship her. And she has chosen you out of all of them...because she has decided that you are a very special little faggot. She lays on her bed topless, teasing you with her beautiful soft feet, taking her stockings off and rubbing her sexy high arches, and tellin you she knows how badly you want to worship them. But her boyfriend is on his way over, and to prove to her how badly you want to worship her feet, you must first lick and suck on her boyfriend's big hairy feet. She knows you will secretly enjoy it, being the cocksucking faggot that you are.


Jul 9

Jesse sits on her pool table and dangles her perfect feet in front of your face. She teases the hell out of you, telling you that she knows you are wishing you could sniff her feet and put your cock between them, smell her hair, kiss her lips, lick her soft skin all over...but only REAL men get to experience her in the flesh. You are such a loser, you just have to sit there and watch her and dream of being lucky enough to someday have a real woman like her. Hahaha!!!! Good luck with that, LOSER!!


Jul 5

A beautiful Asian girl sits on her counter above you, telling you all about how dirty her floor is from the guy she just had laying on it while she was trampling him and spitting on him. It is now your job to clean it, and if you want to be promoted from "loser kitchen cleaner" to "kitchen rug", and have the privilege of her trampling all over your body and spitting directly on you, then you are going to clean the floor using only your tongue, and do a damn good job.


Jul 1

Selena and Caroline play a sexy game of "Simon Says" with you. Whenever they give you an instruction, you are to follow it as long as they say "Simon says..." before the instruction. If they don't say that first, and you still follow the instruction, then you are forced to punish your manhood in painful and humiliating ways. After screwing up numerous times, you are finally allowed to cum, and then they decide to make you smear your load all over your face and walk around like a glazed donut the rest of the day.


Page 15 of 41
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