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Aug 6

Jesse sits above you and tells you how you could never be good enough to be with her. She is so pretty and so smart and so perfect and her body is so sexy. But you are just filthy and sad and not at all worthy of her. She talks about how she would love to trample all over you with her sexy blue heels.


Aug 2

Daphney teases you with her naked body, flaunting it in your face, stroking her soft bare skin, and wiggling her ass and spreading her pussy in your face. You will never get the chance to fuck her though...she doesn't fuck losers. Instead, she tells you to jack off while you watch her, and she gives you a wine glass to shoot your load into. Then she tells you that you are going to drink the glass full of cum after you fill it up, and she laughs at you the whole time you are doing it.


Jul 29

Stacy laughs at your tiny little dick and taunts you and teases you, smooshing her breasts together and telling you that you could never even get your tiny dick in there between them to fuck them. She tells you to go fuck one of your shampoo bottles...that's more your size. Then to humiliate you even more, she puts her bare feet right in your face as you lay underneath her.


Jul 25

Gorgeous model Stacy ridicules you for being ugly, fat, stinky, pathetic, and disgusting. Then she makes you get on the floor under her feet and sniff her beautiful feet.


Jul 21

Beautiful slender blonde Vanessa sits on her bed in her pink bra and panties, talking to you about what a loser you are and how much fun she has with other guys. She has had sex with a different hot guy every day this week, and she has saved all of the condoms they used, just for you!!! She reaches into her trash can and starts pulling out the used condoms one by one, holding them up for you and telling you that she knows how badly you want to suck the stinky cum out of them. She tells you in detail about each different guy and the amazing sex they had as she picks up each condom, and all you can do is wait for her to give you the condoms so you can eat the cum out of them, and fantasize about someday being able to be with her. Psshh yeah right!! Like that will ever happen!!


Page 14 of 41
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