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Aug 26

Daphney sits naked on the couch above you and wiggles her perfect toes in front of your face. She just got a pedicure, but she makes it clear that she did NOT get it for you. She makes fun of you for being turned on by girls' feet, and tells you that normal guys like vaginas, but since you're such an abnormal pervert, you must be loving staring at her waving her feet in your face.


Aug 22

Nyxon hasn't had sex with you for a long time now, because of how bad the sex was with you, and you will never get to fuck her again. She is having 4 more guys over tonight, and you are going to watch her get fucked by a bunch of real men again. This time, she wants you to pay very close attention to what all of the guys are doing to her, and try to learn a thing or two about how to fuck a woman properly. And you're going to be swallowing plenty of cum again tonight too....lucky little loser.


Aug 18

Nyxon tells you very bluntly how bad you are in bed. She's tired of having horrible boring sex with you. She feels so sorry for you, she hasn't wanted to hurt your feelings, but it needed to be said. She then starts telling you about the 4 guys she is going to have come over and fuck her, and you will be their cum dumpster, taking their loads of cum all over your face and in your mouth.


Aug 14

Miss Crash sits on the toilet and tells you what a pathetic sick fuck and a pervert you are, for choosing to live in her bathroom. She knows it's the highlight of your day when she comes in there to pee and spend some time belittling you, and she makes fun of you for that.


Aug 10

This gorgeous lingerie model is flaunting her brand new lacy lingerie for you, asking if you like it. She knows you want to jack off and cum as you watch her, so she tells you to start stroking your cock. She demonstrates on her finger exactly how she wants you to do it, varying the speed every now and again so you don't cum too fast. Finally she tells you to cum, and after you've had your big moment, she instructs you to lick all of your cum off of your hand and off of the floor where it dripped.


Page 13 of 41
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