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Sep 15

Mandi is topless on the couch, teasing you with her big tits and asking if you want to fuck her. And then she bursts out laughing and tells you that girls like her don't fuck guys like you. She picks up a banana and starts stroking it and talks about how she is going to shove it in your ass and fuck you with it, and then she will have her male friends come over and fuck you in the ass, and she will force you to clean their cocks with your tongue afterward.


Sep 11

Mandi sits you down in a chair and does a nice sexy striptease for you. She asks you if you want to touch her huge tits, and then starts laughing at the fact that you thought she was actually serious. Why the fuck would she let a gross loser like you touch her perfect breasts? Instead, she tells you that her male friend who just came over is going to fuck your ass and cum on you. She tells you to bend over and take it like a little bitch, which is all you are.


Sep 7

Your gorgeous wife sits above you on the couch and belittles you, telling you how useless and sad you are, and that she only married you because you have money. She goes on to tell you that she will be going out with her friend Henry tonight, because he is a real man...not a pathetic annoying piece of shit like yourself.


Sep 3

This gorgeous Asian Mistress is making her slave boy kneel in the corner. He was late picking her up from work today, so now he will be punished however she sees fit. She threatens his ass with a large dildo and other devices....which one will she use to punish and humiliate him with?


Aug 30

Two gorgeous blondes hang out in bed together wearing nothing but lingerie, and tell you how pathetic you are for watching them and fantasizing about them, and wishing you could be with them. You are lucky to even be in their presence, and if you're really lucky they might even let you watch them fool around together. You could never be good enough to touch either one of them though, you disgusting loser.


Page 12 of 41
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