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Oct 5

You obviously have no clue how to touch a woman or please a woman...hell, you've probably never even seen a woman naked before. So Eris decides to be very generous, and give you a lesson on female anatomy. She sits totally naked and talks to you like you are a 5 year old...she knows you are dumber than shit so she wants to speak in a way you can understand. She goes over all of her sexual body parts, telling you exactly how to stimulate each part and demonstrating exactly how to do it as she talks. She doubts you will ever have the chance to test out your new knowledge of the female body on a woman, because no woman in her right mind would let a loser like you touch her, but it's something for you to dream about anyway.


Oct 1

Your girlfriend Dixie sits you down and tells you that she has been cheating on you for a long time with a bunch of dudes. You suck so bad in bed and your cock--if you can even call it that--is soooo tiny, she can't even feel it inside of her. She has been fucking all kinds of big black guys with huge horse cocks, and letting them fuck every hole she has all at the same time. And you are lucky enough to get to sit and listen to all of her sexual experiences with other men in explicit detail, and you can only dream of satisfying a woman like that.


Sep 27

Daphney teases you with her tight little body, squirming around and removing her panties as she watches you masturbate. Right when you are about to reach your climax, she tells you that she is not going to allow you to cum in her presence. She doesn't want to see that, that's gross. She also tells you that she wants you to have blue balls the rest of the day, so you are not even allowed to masturbate and cum even after you get home.


Sep 23

Dixie is waiting for you on her massage table, and she demands a good foot massage from you. She takes off her sexy black pumps and waves her gorgeous bare feet in your face, talking about how she's going to have a real man come over to massage the rest of her body. You are so worthless, the only thing you are good for is a foot rub, and you even suck at that. She tells you how much she hates you as you rub her perfect feet.


Sep 19

Nyxon catches you trying to sniff her feet, and she berates you for being such a gross pervert. Who the fuck tries to look at girls' feet and sniff them? Gross! You're such a loser! She decides to give you exactly what you want though, even as weird as she thinks it is. She takes off her high heeled shoe and shoves the sole of her bare foot right in your face, letting you get a good long sniff as she continues to belittle you.


Page 11 of 41
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