POV Humiliation, financial domination, foot fetish, cuckolding, small dick humiliation, tease and denial

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Jul 22



Jul 18

Speculum Surprise - Mistress Selena is here today to give you a taste of something that the more powerful and dominate sex (a woman of course) has to deal with. While looking sexy as ever in her white bra and panty set she will order you and instruct you to insert the examination tool called a speculum inside your anus! If you don't do exactly what is instructed, Selena may just have to insert it herself. She promises she will make it more painful! Take it Bitch!



Jul 14

HEY!!!! Listen up you pathetic loser! Mistress Selena has another hot date. No, not with you, you moron, with a real man! Selena commands you to watch this video and listen to all the explicit details of how her date is going to go, so just do as she says or pay the consequences later!



Jul 10

POV humiliation and masturbation instruction! Since your little dick is far too inadequate for Mistress Selena, she uses a dildo to pleasure herself and then uses it to show you how to masturbate your pathetic little penis for her. She laughs at how pathetic you are she she commands you to cum. She has some creative ideas for what you should do with your cum as well.



Jul 6

Video Clip - 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 will Mistress Selena let you cum? Your mistress is going to reward you with a few special treats in this video, 1 she is actually going to let you cum 2 she is going to reward you with a foot job and the 3rd you will just have to watch and find out!



Jul 2

Goddess Selena is all dressed up and wearing one of her favorite sexiest pair of heels! She has a message for you to be permanently stored in your brain! Worship her! Spoil her! and Pamper her! Show her how devoted you are and go to her wishlist!



Jun 28

Sissy POV - I went shopping for you! Hot pink and black lace screams nothing more than sissy! Are you ready to get dressed up for your Mistress?!



Jun 24

For all you nylon lovers out there, Mistress Selena is trying on her new shiny nylon pantyhose and she can't stop feeling the smooth surface with her hands and rubbing her legs together. Lots of great closeups of her legs and feet in pantyhose.



Jun 20

Mistress Selena turns her slave girl into a foot domm and makes you worship both of their sexy toes. Double the fun!



Jun 16

Small Dick Humiliation- What is your size? I am going to tell you by inches what you are rated and humiliate you. After you watch and see my instructions I want to see pictures of the small appendage between your legs so that I can berate you on my site!



Jun 12

Mistress Selena is so amused with her slave today as she makes him suck her cock. She dick slaps him then making him admit to what he really loves to do......suck cock.



Jun 8

Mistress Selena is parched and her slave is a slow idiot who cannot move fast enough to quench her thirst. She degrades him of the disgusting hair that he has all over his body. Selena then demands him to obey whatever she says and to worship her feet.



Jun 4

You have tried to sneak up on Mistress Selena and spy on her trying to get a peak up her little black skirt, shame on you! Now your mistress has to decide whether to let you cum or not. Will you get to explode at the thought of her lucious ass or will she send you away with a hard on and blue balls!?



May 31

Mistress Selena un-plugged! With very few words watch Selena wearing bra, panties and garter stocking set. Listen to the sounds of her black hose rubbing together. Watch Selena use the power of just her movement to seduce you and command your attention and devotion to her! Actions speak louder than words in this video!







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