POV Humiliation, financial domination, foot fetish, cuckolding, small dick humiliation, tease and denial

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Dec 25

Masturbation instruction by gorgeous Mistress Cydelle



Dec 21

Mistress Cydelle laughs at your pathetic little penis and humiliates your mercilessly



Dec 17

Mistress Cydelle plays with a dildo using her sexy stockinged feet and makes fun of how pathetic you are for imagining that that dildo is your cock.



Dec 12

Hi, Im Ashley Adams. I am way better and hotter than you and I have no idea why Im even wasting my time talking to you losers. You could never amount to anything close to my man. You look like you got dropped on your face when you were born youre so ugly. None of you could ever please me unless youre rich. If thats the case, let me know now so we can go shopping and you can buy me tons of sexy clothes I will never show off to you.



Dec 8

Listen you idiot. Youre supposed to be cleaning today. Do I have to supervise you? Is youre brain that tiny? Get down on your hands and knees and scrub the floor. I know you have no muscles in that disgusting scrawny but out some effort in it! Im not going to keep you here if you cant get a damn thing right. If you ever want a chance at getting near me you better start doing something right.



Dec 4

Hey loser! You are so worthless. I only keep you around to do all my housework, chores, errands and to buy me things. You havent been doing any of things. I guess I will have to find some other pathetic loser to wait on me because youre just not cutting it.



Nov 30

Listen to Roxie complain to her friend on the phone about her sad sac of nothing that doesnt do anything for her anymore. She cant stand even the sight of him anymore. He makes her stomach turn when he is even in the same room as her.



Nov 26

Hi, Im Roxie. I am a hot young brunette who makes my living off youre money. So I need you all to keep you wallets open and let me buy everything I need to look this beautiful and to stay happy. Youre purpose in life is to serve me so keep paying attention to me and keep me happy.



Nov 22

is going out tonight to find a real man. Not you! A man that is strong, good looking and can actually please her. Not someone that is weak and good for nothing, just like you.



Nov 18

Bug's view of Mistress Amelia's feet as she walks all over you in her high heel shoes and then her bare feet.



Nov 14

Stopping looking at my feet you slimy piece of trash. Dont even try to sneak a feel or Ill cut your hands off. The best thing you will ever get is just to stare at my beautiful feet.



Nov 10

I asked you to do one simple task... how hard is it for you to clean my shoes. I wanted them polished with your tongue. You are completely incompetent. Absolutely pathetic. How can I wear these, when they look like this? You are such an idiot.



Nov 6

What are you looking at Asshole? I thought I told you to stay in the bedroom. You failed to get me a mask for my costume party.... Maybe I'll meet a new guy at the party, someone that can actually satisfy me. I wonder if I should bring him back here, so I can show you what a real man looks like... It must be so sad to be you.



Nov 2

Brandi is getting ready for a date with someone else... an actual man, not a gross, fat slave boy like you. What should she do with you while she goes out? She's tried to give you away to her friends, but none of them want to deal with you. They already know that you can't do anything. Fucking loser. Perhaps she should keep you in a cage in the garage.







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