POV Humiliation, financial domination, foot fetish, cuckolding, small dick humiliation, tease and denial

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Aug 23

Mistress Selena is giving her slave a total body workout when she orders her slave to do everything from push ups to ballet dances to ballbusting and obedience training. Mistress Selena looking stunning in all black bra and panties is positively ruthless as she doles out a miriade of humiliation tasks!



Aug 19

Earlier in the day Goddess Selena was looking for her matching red lacy panties to her black lacy dress. She has had several pairs of panties missing since her last slave did her laundry. Mistress Selena calls in her slave and makes him strip down. Her suspicions where right. He is a panty thief. Mistress Selena makes him put on her red pumps and dance around. She gets the big secret out of him, he tells her how he wants to be sissified. What will be next, perhaps waxing??



Aug 15

Sissy Cuck Cock Sucker Video-Mistress Selena has a date. She is not in the mood to have sexy time with her date so she gets her little sissy ready to blow her date. She instructs him on how to be a good cock sucker and ball licker.



Aug 11

Mistress Selena is all dressed up to go out to dinner, with some of her favorite heels! But, she will not be attending dinner with you of course, she will be going out with the sxy guy she met earlier and you will be staying home to clean up the house, maybe she will let you jerk off and maybe she won't but you better watch this video to find out or she may have a punishment for you!



Aug 7

POV Video-Panty Guide for a Sissy. Mistress Selena describes the different type of panty and what they stand for for a sissy. She guides you in this video of the beginning steps of what to do to being a sissy. She makes you come to terms with who you really are..... A Sissy.



Aug 3

Selena's cuckold. Mistress Selena is excited about meeting her stud tonight. She describes in detail all the things she is going to do with him in her bed while you are instructed to prepare the bed and clean the bathroom for them. She will then all you to hide under the bed so you can listen while she is having hot wild sex with a real man and you dream to be in his place... which will never happen...



Jul 30

Hose, Toes, Blackmail and Financial Domination. As you fulfill your dirty little secret with Selena\'s feet, she has a surprise for you, a surprise that could jeopardize your entire life! You better watch this video and find out what Selena commands of you or you never know what Selena might do to you!



Jul 26

Small dick humiliation! Mistress Selena took pity on you and allowed you up in her hotel room, however she wants one more test to see if you are good enough for her: the size of your dick! Imagine the look on her face when she sees it, she doesn't know whether to gasp in shock or to start laughing. How does it feel to be standing naked in front of her and listen to her laugh at your pathetic tiny dick? What a loser!



Jul 22



Jul 18

Speculum Surprise - Mistress Selena is here today to give you a taste of something that the more powerful and dominate sex (a woman of course) has to deal with. While looking sexy as ever in her white bra and panty set she will order you and instruct you to insert the examination tool called a speculum inside your anus! If you don't do exactly what is instructed, Selena may just have to insert it herself. She promises she will make it more painful! Take it Bitch!



Jul 14

HEY!!!! Listen up you pathetic loser! Mistress Selena has another hot date. No, not with you, you moron, with a real man! Selena commands you to watch this video and listen to all the explicit details of how her date is going to go, so just do as she says or pay the consequences later!



Jul 10

POV humiliation and masturbation instruction! Since your little dick is far too inadequate for Mistress Selena, she uses a dildo to pleasure herself and then uses it to show you how to masturbate your pathetic little penis for her. She laughs at how pathetic you are she she commands you to cum. She has some creative ideas for what you should do with your cum as well.



Jul 6

Video Clip - 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 will Mistress Selena let you cum? Your mistress is going to reward you with a few special treats in this video, 1 she is actually going to let you cum 2 she is going to reward you with a foot job and the 3rd you will just have to watch and find out!



Jul 2

Goddess Selena is all dressed up and wearing one of her favorite sexiest pair of heels! She has a message for you to be permanently stored in your brain! Worship her! Spoil her! and Pamper her! Show her how devoted you are and go to her wishlist!







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